Signe Lykke


About Signe Lykke (b. 1984): You always hear beauty when you listen to the music of Signe Lykke. Not only harmony, although it is also found in abundance, but the beauty that makes life interesting and the music inalienable.

Signe Lykke is a trained vocalist from the Rythmic Conservatoru in Copenhagen, and a classical composer from  Trinity Conservatoire of Music i London and College of Fine Arts in Austin, Texas. Signe Lykkes debutconcert as a composer happened in 2018 at the Royal Academy of Music in Århus with the performance of her symphony “VIIRS”.

She sites her “inspirations as hailing from a broad fountain of Stravinski, Ligeti and Sørensen, to Bowie, Robyn and Byrne”.
Signe Lykke has composed music for choir, strings, and several symphony orchestras, and in August 2021 her first opera, “Nordkraft” was performed as a part of the Danish Operafestival .
In 2019 Signe Lykke received an award as Talent of the year at Carl Prisen, as well as the H.C. Lumbye Award (Nov. 19) and Wilhelm Hansens Honorary Award (Oct. 20)

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